ITEM ToolKit
Reliability Predition Modules

Pi Factors

Each module calculates and makes visible the various Pi Factors used to calculate the Failure Rates for the Component categories per the applicable standard being used.

“What If” Study

“What-if” studies allow you to preview and evaluate the feasibility and quality of your design and the selection of your components. This allows you model the system, change components, and see the effects without having to construct an actual system.

External Arrhenius Temperature Model for User Defined Failure Rates

For some designs you use a component which cannot be modeled using a Component Category known to the standard, or you have a failure rate from a manufacturer of a subassembly. By using the External component and the Arrhenius temperature model, you can introduce a non-standard component into you analysis, and vary the failure rate with temperature via the Arrhenius temperature formula.

Reliability Allocation

Allocation models logically apportion the product design reliability into lower level design criteria, such that the cumulative reliability still meets the requirements. ITEM ToolKit performs allocation analysis at two levels, project and system level.

ITEM ToolKit contains the following five allocation models:

  • Equal Allocation
  • AGREE Allocation
  • Feasibility of Objective Allocation
  • ARINC Apportionment Technique
  • Repairable Systems Allocation


Derating is the selection and application of parts and materials so that the applied stress is less than rated for a specific application. For example, derating is the negative slope of a power-versus-temperature graph. It shows that as the operating ambient temperature increases, the output power of a particular component drops to ensure reliable system operation. Derating curves provide a quick way to estimate the maximum output power of a device at a given temperature.

Following are the commonly used derating standards that are included within ITEM ToolKit:

  • NAVSEA TE000-AB-GTP-010
  • MIL-HDBK-1547
  • MIL-STD-975M (NASA)
  • NAVAIR-AS-4613 Class A
  • NAVAIR-AS-4613 Class B
  • NAVAIR-AS-4613 Class C
  • User Defined Derating Files

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