Fault Tree Software
ITEM ToolKit Module

Fault Tree Software Values and Features

ITEM ToolKit Fault Tree software incorporates two independent calculation engines: Binary Decision Diagram and Approximation Method. Provides methods to calculate unreliability and unavailability; analyzes Uncertainty and Sensitivity; analyzes Common Cause Failure (CCF); Produces Minimal Cut Sets; Identifies Fault Tree Sequencing, Initiator and Enabler, Initiator Only, Enabler Only; Defines event failure models; Determines the importance of elements in a system.

  • Fault tree software that allows 15 failure models, 9 types of gates, 4 types of events, and 4 CCF models
  • Handles multiple time phases for a single event
  • Analyzes uncertainty using Latin Hypercube Sampling (LHCS)
  • Converts CAFTA® models automatically
  • Analyzes Importance
  • Creates new projects by reusing data from other projects
  • Copy and Paste Gates and Events between projects
  • Simultaneously displays results and Fault Tree diagram
  • Drag-and-drop Gates and Events between libraries and projects
  • Displays various Gate and Event information on the diagram
  • Displays various system and project information in the hierarchy windows
  • Sorts Events by name, unreliability or manually
  • Edits Project, System, Gate and Event information and parameters using Dialog and Grid views
  • Allows changing of color and sizes of gates and events
  • System navigation using system hierarchy and diagram windows
  • Adjusts and resizes label and text boxes

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Fault Tree Software Screen Shot
Fault Tree Software Diagram View

Fault Tree Software Screen Shot
Fault Tree Software Chart View

Fault Tree Software Screen Shot
Fault Tree Software Dialog View